Bespoke Neoprene Products

Start from the Right Materials

We help design your neoprene products with the right neoprene materials to achieve the target performance.

SBR neoprene

With the maximum hardness, SBR is one of the most frequently used neoprene for manufacturing laptop sleeves, can koozies, and electronic bags. Provide your customers with our reliable neoprene products against shocks.

SCR neoprene

Made up of 60% SBR and 40% CR, SCR features proper hardness. It's perfect for processing neoprene swimsuits, surfing suits, and sport supports, balancing your needs between product performance and project budget.

CR neoprene

As the softest and most flexible neoprene, CR material with great waterproof and insulated property effectively enhances the performance of professional wetsuits and fancy sportswear. Upgrade your product with our reliable neoprene materials.

Our All-Round Custom Solution

  • Full type of neoprene products

    Product Type

    No matter what neoprene products you want to order, we can offer quality goods to meet the needs in specific markets like sports equipment and promotion.

  • Neoprene in different hardness


    We help you choose the right neoprene material of suitable hardness, which ensures your products strike a balance between softness & performance.

  • Neoprene in different thickness


    Thanks to our precise splitting machines, we can produce neoprene fabric in any thickness to meet your performance, design, and budget requirements.

  • Neoprene laminated with various textile

    Laminated Fabric

    Selecting the right fabric laminated with neoprene can generate optimal textures and surface effects. You can count on our material knowledge and laminating craft.

  • Neoprene fabric printing


    With our professional know-how & advanced equipment, we can make your neoprene products stand out with various printing techniques.

  • Packaging design

    Logo & Packaging

    Improve your brand awareness with our custom logo & packaging. A custom sample with logo printing is available for you to check the final effect.

A Professional Team

QC staff is directing sewing

Bringing Your Custom Ideas into Life

With years of experience in the neoprene industry, our professional team analyzes the requirements of your neoprene products and help bring your product ideas into life.

Our team knows how to utilize the machinery to increase efficiency and accuracy. Your OEM neoprene products manufactured at Talkspromo are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Learn more about our capabilities in manufacturing neoprene products.