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Neoprene, as corrosion and moisture-resistant material, is widely used in a wide range of industries. By incorporating neoprene material in every product we make, Talkspromo can bring unique features & performance to your products whether you're searching for quality wetsuits, sourcing promotional koozies or more.

Talkspromo has the staff with years of experience that are manufacturing our products with the latest sewing and printing technology as well as machinery.

Drive your profit margins or tap into your specific market with our wide range of products such as wetsuits, koozies, and laptop sleeves. Contact our team for a free quote today!

Need These Features for Your Products?
Neoprene is the Choice!

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    The material is highly resistant against water and prevents moisture from seeping through, which is a valuable asset for laptop sleeves or bags carrying any valuables.

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    Neoprene’s elasticity gives the material a significant amount of shock absorption and stretchability, making them suitable for wetsuits, sports supports, and laptop sleeves.

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    Heat is prevented from escaping any neoprene lunch bags and koozies because of the material’s composition. The quality is useful for wetsuits to keep the body warm.

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    Wear Resistant

    The superior composition of the neoprene fabric makes every Talkspromo sport support, laptop sleeve, wetsuit, and bag highly resistant against tearing and wearing from daily use.

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    While resistant against wearing, neoprene is lightweight. End-users can freely move around while wearing our neoprene wetsuit or easily carry our neoprene laptop sleeves and bags.

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    The soft quality of the neoprene makes the material easy to process into any type of shape, giving you an abundance of options on the product we can manufacture for your needs.

Proficient in Neoprene Processing

Can't find the right neoprene products for your industry in our featured categories? Then just count on our full customization service!

Whether you're having a rough idea in mind or complete design, our team can help you create your unique products using our premium neoprene materials and proficient knowledge.

Our customization service makes sure you can always bring neoprene products fitting the market needs.

Full Custom Solution for Your Business

Talkspromo offers numerous customization options and services to help complete your business goals. Going beyond your expectations include incorporating the smallest details in market trends to the final design. The design team makes the process easy for you with our comprehensive capability in offering bespoke neoprene goods.

With the full custom solution we provide for each Talkspromo neoprene solution, you can efficiently drive your brand awareness in target markets such as sports and electronics industries.