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Protective laptop bags from Talkspromo have a considerably soft inner compartment that cushions any electronics to prevent damages from impact or falls. The outer surface of our laptop bags prevents moisture from seeping through the material. A large line of styles is also available for our neoprene laptop sleeves to suit the taste of numerous customers.

Talkspromo is your top choice among the leading neoprene laptop sleeves manufacturer in China. The qualified staff within our team have years of experience working with neoprene while having the best manufacturing equipment to create quality laptop sleeves from the neoprene. With our capabilities in creating attractive and functional laptop bags, you can obtain a leading position in the market. Get a free quote today!

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Highlights of Our Neoprene Laptop Sleeves

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Anti Shock

Because of the synthetic rubber composition, Talkspromo laptop sleeves have an anti-shock property that efficiently protects any electronic, for example, interactive flat panels, digital kiosks,  from intense vibrations.

we also can make silicone products.

Water Resistance

Water Resistance

The outer shell of all Talkspromo laptop sleeves/bags can keep water from seeping into the interior because of the neoprene’s resistance against moisture.

Soft Texture

Soft Texture

The laminated fabric of our neoprene laptop sleeves and bags make their surface pleasing to the touch and is easy to grip.

Ultra Light Weight

Ultra Light Weight

Thanks to the composition of neoprene material, all Talkspromo laptop bags are lightweight, making them easy to carry with a portable computer inside them.

Fancy Printing

Fancy Printing

Talkspromo offers a wide range of existing patterns for our laptop sleeves and bags to pick from, helping you attract different kinds of customers across numerous markets.

Custom Size

Custom Size

With the custom size option for Talkspromo laptop sleeves and bags, you can target end-users who own different types of portable computers or other similar electronics.

  • Anti Shock
  • Water Resistance
  • Soft Texture
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Fancy Printing
  • Custom Size

More Benefits

  • One-Stop Solution

    As a leading neoprene laptop sleeve supplier, we offer a one-stop solution from consultation to production, helping you find an efficient means of obtaining success in target markets.

  • Affordable Price

    Careful cost control and minimum wastage of materials allow us to provide all Talkspromo laptop sleeves and bags at an affordable price, driving your company’s profit margins.

  • Quick Delivery

    Your orders can be quickly delivered within 15 to 25 days upon receipt of your deposit, letting you enjoy a short lead-time and fast time-to-market.


Customization Based on Your Market Preferences

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You have full freedom over Talkspromo neoprene laptop sleeves with our customization service.

Qualified team of experts can accurately create bags with your required size and other specifications. You can pick which type of neoprene materials, including SBR and SCR, and fabrics, to fit your budget and purpose of the bags.

Talkspromo printing options let you incorporate your company logo, name, or other graphic designs onto your laptop sleeve. All customization options we offer can help you make an impact in target markets.

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