Neoprene Sport Supports

Neoprene Sport Support Supplier

Safety is a primary concern when it comes to athletic accessories in order to gain your customers’ trust. The optimum compression of our supporter prevents pain while allowing normal physical activity. The experience of our staff and the use of innovative equipment and techniques allow us to produce reliable supporters that are stretchable and resistant against tearing.

Improving the quality of life or performance of your customers with Talkspromo neoprene sports supporters can build a foundation for numerous return purchases to your business. The one-stop solution we offer can help you find the means to successfully take a leading position in the market. Contact our sales team to enquire about our wholesale orders today!

Certified by

  • SGS
  • FDA

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Highlights of Our Neoprene Sport Supports

Abrasion Resistance

Wear Resistant Fabric

The resilient and durable quality of the neoprene material makes each our sport supports highly resistant against wearing, allowing for daily usage of the sportswear.

Elastic Structure

Elastic Structure

With the flexible property of our material, Talkspromo sports supporters can provide fixation on the joint while ensuring normal physical movement.

Precise Stitching

Precise Stitching

By using superior sewing machinery to incorporate precise stitching, Talkspromo can achieve durable neoprene sports support without compromising their look.

Adjustable Size

Adjustable Size

Incorporating the Velcro design to our products, each Talkspromo sports supporters have an adjustable size and compression rate for your customers to make the accessory more comfortable.

  • Wear Resistant Fabric
  • Elastic Structure
  • Precise Stitching
  • Adjustable Size

More Benefits

  • Wholesale Price

    By controlling cost, minimizing wastage, and practicing efficient production, we can offer you wholesale prices for your quality neoprene sports supporter.

  • Skilled Production

    Years of experience of handling neoprene allows the Talkspromo team to create quality neoprene sports supporters, helping you make an impact on the sports market.

  • Certified Quality

    The BSCI, ISO, and RoHS certification for our factory show how we are capable of producing quality neoprene sports supporters that can meet the standards of your customers.


Custom Logo Printing & Solutions

Custom Logo Printing & Solutions

Is drawing attention to your brand costing you more effort and money? Talkspromo offers our full customization solution for sports supporters that will help you bring in customers from sports, gym, or fitness market. You can have different colors, sizes, shapes, materials, designs, and other aspects of your wearable accessory.

The one-stop solution from consultation to production helps you stock your shelves with neoprene sports supporters that are high in demand among your target markets. With the Talkspromo solution, you can increase return purchase rates.

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