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Wetsuits made from neoprene have incredible stretchability and high resistance against tearing, making them suitable for any of your customers regardless of their body shape. The diving wear’s material is efficient at keeping the body warm while submerged in cool waters by preventing heat from escaping.

The reliable OEM capabilities of Talkspromo comes from years of experience in working on neoprene to create various products. With our capable staff, use of advanced technology, and innovative equipment, we can help you make an impact on the surfing or diving market. Contact us to inquire about our bulk orders today!

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Highlights of Our Neoprene Wetsuits

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Heat Preservation Material

The insulation property of Talkspromo neoprene wetsuit stops body heat from seeping out of the suit to keep your customers warm.

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Glued Seam

Glued seams make all Talkspromo neoprene wetsuits bonded parts make them durable against cracks and more waterproof.

neoprene wetsuits blind stitched connection

Blind Stitched Connection

Stitches do not fully pierce the neoprene fabric. Working with glued seam, blind stitches are created to improve the stability and waterproof property.

Firm Seam sewing

8-Stitch Sewing

Utilizing the 8-stitch sewing technique allows us to join thick neoprene fabrics and create a firm and smooth seam among all your neoprene wetsuits.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion Resistance

The incredibly tough quality of Talkspromo neoprene wetsuit is resistant against abrasion and tearing, giving your swimwear a better lifespan than others.

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No Crease

Each durable Talkspromo neoprene wetsuit is impervious to creases or wrinkles, making your dive suit or swimwear look attractive when worn by divers and surfers.

  • Heat Preservation Material
  • Glued Seam
  • Blind Stitched Connection
  • 8-Stitch Sewing
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • No Crease

More Benefits

  • Affordable Price

    Careful cost control and a streamlined production allow us to provide quality neoprene wetsuits, swimsuits, and surfing wetsuits at affordable prices, helping you drive company profit margins.

  • Low MOQ

    Talkspromo is one of the few neoprene wetsuit manufacturers that offers a low MOQ of only 30 pieces per size. The low MOQ benefits let you break into a new market with minimum stock pressure.

  • Consistent Quality

    Thorough quality control inspections are involved in Talkspromo production of neoprene wetsuits. Focus on quality ensure your wetsuits, surfing wetsuits, and swimwear meet your customer’s standards.


Blank Neoprene Koozies for Your Wholesale Business

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Talkspromo offers blank neoprene koozies that can be manufactured immediately, which is for wholesalers who value short lead-time on orders and low costs.

Blank neoprene koozies of all styles and Pantone colors can help you with fitting any wholesale market preference.

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